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Association Spotlight

Published: 9/3/2018

Meet the Asociacion de Veterinarios Especializados en Animales de Compania de Argentina (AVEACA)... AVEACA is the small animal veterinary association of Argentina. It was formed in 1992 by a group of enthusiastic small animal practicioners led by Dr Oscar Resburgo. His dedication to the veterinary profession earned him a WSAVA Award. Today, AVEACA has 300 members and its membership is growing. Member Representative Dr Guillermina Manigot tells us more:

What activities are you currently focused on?
Our goal this year is to increase communication with our colleagues working in remote areas. Our new President Dr Silvina Muñiz, has delivered a plan to help us achieve this. As an example, we have initiated a CE program called AVEACA Mondays. It has proved popular and soon we hope to broadcast the presentations. We also organize a National Tour with the help of our main sponsor Mars Petcare. It reaches ten provinces in Argentina, offering CE to underserved regions. We also run a web page and are active on social media which we use to highlight our activities and distribute information, congress proceedings, WSAVA Bulletins and other useful information to our members.

Since 2000, we have organized our own National Congress, usually held in October. It is attended by more than 1,200 delegates. AVEACA is founding member of FIAVAC and is actively involved in the development of relationships with other associations, both in Argentina and, more widely, in Latin America.

What challenges do your members face and what are the key veterinary issues in Argentina?
As a developing country and because we have a high rate of inflation our members can struggle to afford to develop their career.

Antibiotic resistance, the appropriate use antibiotics, animal welfare, zoonotic diseases, the increase in the number of pets that have access to medicine and preventative health and mental wellness are the main clinical topics we discuss.

Why is WSAVA membership important to AVEACA?
The WSAVA provides great support to us and offers useful tools for our members, including its Global Guidelines, CE and the Bulletin. In addition, the WSAVA CE Continuing Education program has been helping veterinarians in Argentina for many years and we have benefited from many inspiring speakers.

At the WSAVA 2016 in Colombia, Argentinian veterinarian Dr Adriana Noacco was the recipient of the Henry Schein Cares International Veterinary Community Service Award for her commitment to social work and development. She was proposed by AVEACA and we are really proud of her because she is developing an amazing offer of educational seminars and courses at her Department at the Veterinary Faculty at the University of Buenos Aires.

A WSAVA One Care group in Latin America was formed two years ago, with the help of our Regional Member Advocate Dr Juanjo Krauss, Dr Marcello Roza ( CE for Latin America) and Dr Ellen van Nierop. We continue to work closely together for the benefit of veterinarians across Latin America.

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