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Association Spotlight

Published: 6/4/2018

Meet the Federation of Companion Animal Francophone Veterinary Associations (FAFVAC). FAFVAC is a federation of eight francophone (French-speaking) countries - Belgium, France, Haïti, Mali, Morocco, Quebec, Switzerland and Tunisia - representing more than 6,000 small animal veterinarians.  It aims to harmonize the different francophone veterinary associations to share scientific information and promote common projects relating to animal welfare and health. It also aims to create a convivial space in which French-speaking veterinarians can build relationships with their peers and with veterinarians who speak a different language.  FAFVAC President Michel Pepin tells us more:

What support do you provide to your members and what are the main topics you are focused on ?

We aim to share information about seminars, congresses and other events in order to bring them to the attention of as many French-speaking veterinarians as possible. We initiate welfare projects in collaboration with local associations and their members. We also try to help colleagues in countries where continuing education (CE) is not yet formalized. We support them in creating their own associations and in setting up CE programs.

We promote practical discussions about important animal health and welfare issues with a focus on the human benefits of companion animal relationships. We aim to increase knowledge of these issues and to share potential solutions to help our members to adapt to changes in our profession.  As an example, six years ago, we launched a national animal sterilisation week in Quebec.  Our colleagues in Morocco were inspired to follow suit and we hope our other members will also follow Quebec’s example.  We are currently working to produce a dental health chart in French for our members.

We offer free subscriptions to our congresses so, over the years, our members have been able to travel and learn about veterinary practice in different French-speaking countries.

How do you see your relationship with WSAVA ?

We’re happy and proud to join the WSAVA in promoting companion animal medicine. We believe that many of the actions driven by the WSAVA should be better known among francophone associations.  We also feel that our expertise and ideas from French-speaking veterinarians can help the WSAVA to broaden its outreach and achieve its goals.

Why is it important for FAFVAC to help in translating WSAVA resources into French?

Most French-speaking veterinarians can read English but language is still a barrier and we feel it is part of our mission to make it easier for our members to access these valuable resources.  

What is your vision of the future of your relationship with WSAVA?

We believe that the continued combined efforts of FAFVAC and the WSAVA are contributing significantly to an improvement in the health and welfare of our companion animals - as well as that of the veterinary team.