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A Message from the WSAVA President

Published: 2/14/2017

Good communication – the foundation on which our global community is built!

In my first President’s message, I highlighted the importance of communication, recognizing that this represents the beginning of engagement - and engagement is the foundation of community. Enhancing our communication is also the focus of our 2014-2019 Strategic Plan.

If you would like to get in touch and, in case the first step is daunting or unclear, I have highlighted below the many different ways that you, as members of the WSAVA Global Veterinary Community, can initiate input and involvement with your colleagues and friends within the WSAVA.

  1. ​If you would like to engage with fellow members of our community, please visit us at our Facebook page ( or on Twitter (@vetsWSAVA)
  2. If you want to discuss matters that involve both your national association and the WSAVA, reaching out to your association representative is a good first start. Visit your national association’s page in the member’s section of where their contact information is provided (

  3. If you have questions or comment on projects that the WSAVA is involved in, visit the relevant project or committee page at to find the Committee chair’s contact information for follow-up (

  4. To encourage member engagement, we have recently initiated the Regional Member Advocate (RMA) group. Regional Advocates represent specific regions of our Community and can help facilitate your discussions within the WSAVA Community. You’ll find further details elsewhere in this e-bulletin.

  5. Your elected officers are willing and available to discuss WSAVA matters with you. You can find contact information at

  6. Get in touch through our Central Secretariat by contacting our association manager, Arpita Bhose at

  7. At the bottom of every page on the WSAVA website is an opportunity to Contact Us

  8. Don’t hesitate to contact me – WSAVA President - directly if you feel I can be of any help at

What are you waiting for? Let’s talk!

Walt Ingwersen DSVM, DVSc, DACVIM
WSAVA President