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‘Getting them to Congress’ – a vital WSAVA initiative

Published: 3/11/2019

We look forward to welcoming member representatives from Venezuela and Zambia to #WSAVA2019! Our Getting them to Congress initiative offers grants to help member representatives attend who could not otherwise because of their economic circumstances. It is important that as many representatives join us as possible to represent their association’s interests in the assembly meeting and to take their learnings back to share with their colleagues at home.

This year we will be welcoming two assembly representatives to #WSAVA2019 thanks to Getting them to Congress.  They are:

  • Dr Yomaira Abrahám Venezolana, SOVEMEVEPA ,Venezuela
  • Dr Ntombi Mudenda, VAZ, Zambia

Introducing Yomaira Abrahám Venezolana

Yomaira graduated in 2005 from the Central University of Venezuela with an interest in Soft Tissue Surgery, on which she lectures nationally and internationally. She has helped to create a trade union for veterinarians in Venezuela and works to keep colleagues up to date in small animal medicine through her role at SOVEMEVEPA. She has previously organized a small animal medicine congress in Caracas but the current situation in Venezuela makes further initiatives impossible for now.  SOMEVEPA remains a member of the WSAVA with Yahaira an active participant in meetings and projects through the WSAVA‘s LATAM group.

She is delighted to be attending #WSAVA 2019 and says: “This news brings us much joy because it means that we can be present and participate in meetings representing our country at a congress where the objective is to support, collaborate, contribute to the community. I will also propose that SOVEMEVEPA remains a WSAVA member while we get through this difficult period for our country.  We want to show that Venezuelan veterinarians want to continue to learn and to improve despite the difficulties we face.”

We look forward to meeting Yomaira and Ntombi at Congress and would appreciate donations from members to help us to bring more of our member representatives to congress next year.  Please contact Emma van Rooijen for more information.