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‘Creating Leverage’ – Our Asian Members Unite to Drive Regional Advances in Veterinary Care

Published: 4/10/2017

It was a great opportunity to explore how members in the region could get more involved with WSAVA initiatives and to find out which aspects of WSAVA membership and member benefits are most useful to them.

Delegates held a lively discussion about the key challenges faced by their associations – as well as their achievements. Difficulties with government bureaucracy and the accessibility of drugs were common problems as was access to CE. On a positive note, we were delighted to learn that many of the associations are experiencing strong growth in their membership.

The opportunity to build leverage by working together and use resources already created by the WSAVA was identified by delegates – and this set an exciting tone for the rest of the meeting! The WSAVA’s position statements which can be used to lobby governments to increase the accessibility of medicines will be used by all delegates as a first step. To support their individual efforts, however, they plan to join together to petition the OIE with a request that it endorses a minimum list of drugs to be made available in each country. Creating a real movement for change is their goal and, in this, we support them wholeheartedly!

In terms of CE, the WSAVA’s CE Committee has been asked to create a ‘train the trainers’ program so that local speakers can be leveraged to deliver world class lecture in local languages. The Veterinary Practitioners Association of Thailand (VPAT) which has already developed its own local hospital standards and accreditation scheme also offered to work with other Asian members to help them to do the same in their country.

Both the determination of all the associations to work together to create leverage to help them overcome their problems and their clear enthusiasm at being part of the WSAVA’s global community was inspiring. A big thank you to our Asian members for their commitment to enhancing small animal veterinary practice in their country – and in their region! We are right there with you!

View the WSAVA’s position statement on the availability and accessibility of medicinal products for companion animal use.