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Meet a WSAVA Member - Dr Geeta Saini

Published: 10/2/2019

Australian veterinarian Dr Geeta Saini is the new Chair of the WSAVA Leadership and Nomination Committee (LNC).  Here she tells us about its work:
Could you introduce yourself briefly to our readers?    
I graduated from the University of Queensland in 1980 and owned a small animal practice in Queensland, Australia.  I recently sold the practice but still work two days a week as a small animal clinician.
I am a Past President of Australian Small Animal Veterinarians (ASAV) and still serve on ASAV’s Committee.  I became chair of the WSAVA’s LNC in 2018.
How are you enjoying working with the LNC?
The LNC's role has changed from identifying talent amongst WSAVA member associations to fill roles within the WSAVA to focusing more on monitoring Committee nominations and selection; reviewing new member applications and helping to review membership protocols within the bylaws. It’s much busier than I originally thought it would be!
Why is the LNC’s work so important in your view?         
The WSAVA Committees are numerous and diverse and comprise a range of extremely talented and dedicated people. The LNC helps to ensure that the WSAVA canvasses as wide a field as possible to fill positions and that the nomination and selection of candidates are open and transparent. We have developed protocols for Committee member nominations and selections to ensure a level playing field. 
What are the LNC’s priorities for the rest of this year?
We will:

  • keep track of and collate a database of prospective Committee members
  • continue to monitor and check new association applications
  • work with the Executive Board to implement the new Strategic Plan
  • develop a template ‘Terms of Reference’ for Committees.
Please tell us something about you that may surprise us!
I love skiing and hiking, have two grown up children and live on the best beach in the world. Life is good.