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Zimbabwe Veterinary Association



Country: Zimbabwe

Region: Africa

Status: Associate

Tier: Tier 1

President: Dr. Anthony Stephen Donohoe


Rep: Dr. Helene Menitjes


The Zimbabwe veterinary association has been in existence for 66 years. It has had a changing membership that has correlated with changes in the politics of Zimbabwe and the changes in the university that have taken place over the years. Previously students needed to graduate in South Africa but since 1985 the university of Zimbabwe opened a veterinary faculty of their own and this changed the veterinary landscape in Zimbabwe.

The Zimbabwe veterinary association strives to honour the veterinary profession in Zimbabwe and to install a code of ethics in the profession. In the past 10 years there has been a decreasing membership as many of the graduates from the university cannot find work in Zimbabwe due to a collapsing economic environment, and they leave the country to work in other countries.

We are actively trying to encourage new graduates to stay in Zimbabwe and we one of the support systems that we give to the profession is to try and find the local graduates employment opportunities locally.

Annual Report (PDF)