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World Aquatic Veterinary Medical Association



Country: UnitedKingdom

Region: Europe

Status: Affiliate

Tier: Tier 3

President: Dr. David Scarfe


Rep: Dr. Devon Dublin, DMVZ


World Aquatic Veterinary Medical Association logo

The Mission of the World Aquatic Veterinary Medical Association is to serve the discipline of aquatic veterinary medicine through enhancing aquatic animal health and welfare, public health and seafood safety, to support aquatic veterinarians, aquatic animal owners and industries, and other stakeholders.
To fulfill this Mission the World Aquatic Veterinary Medical Association has established the following objectives...
  • To serve aquatic veterinary medicine practitioners of many disciplines and backgrounds by developing programs to support and sustain members, and the aquatic species industries that they serve.
  • To identify, foster and strengthen professional interactions among aquatic medical practitioners and other organizations around the world.
  • To be an advocate for, develop guidance on, and promote the advancement of the science, ethics and professional aspects of aquatic animal medicine within the veterinary profession and a wider audience.
  • To optimally position and advance the discipline of aquatic veterinary medicine, and support the practice of aquatic veterinary medicine in all countries.
WAVMA was formed in 2007 and currently has members in over 35 countries. It provides a listserv for exchange of information between members, a quarterly newsletter, an annual conference on aquatic veterinary medicine and further educational opportunities through its website such as webinars, presentations and image galleries.
It has established a scholarship program to support veterinary students and new veterinarians become involved in aquatic veterinary medicine, and partners with the International Aquatic Veterinary Biosecurity Consortium ( to promote biosecurity practices that meet international (OIE) standards and national regulations.
WAVMA membership interests are evenly split between aquaculture (seafood production) and ornamental (pet) fish and other aquatic species (amphibians, invertebrates and marine mammals).
Currently ornamental fish are largely ignored by the companion animal sector of the profession, yet they represent by numbers the largest group of animal species (around 2000) and in many countries their numbers exceed that of cats and dogs combined. Despite these large numbers, the health and welfare of these can often be poor and veterinary services limited. Current status of care might be compared to that of other companion animals prior to the expansion of veterinary services in this sector during the 1960's.
WAVMA is therefore dedicated to developing improved care of all aquatic species, including ornamental (pet) species, and providing a forum for exchange of scientific information between colleagues - an approach that parallels and fits the WSAVA Vision and Mission.

Annual Report (PDF)