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Veterinary Practitioners Association of Thailand


Address: 559/2 Praditmanuthum Road Wanthonglang Bangkok 10310 Thailand

Country: Thailand

Region: Asia

Status: Full

Tier: Tier 3

President: Dr. Chaiyot Tanrattana


Rep: Dr. Chaiyot Tanrattana

Veterinary Practitioners Association of Thailand logo

VPAT stands for the Veterinary Practitioners Association of Thailand, an organization founded in 1968 as a club with no more than 10 veterinarians determined to improve the standard of veterinary practice in Thailand. At present the club has become one of the nation's most prominent veterinary associations with members reaching 5,629 (as of Nov. 2015). VPAT generates activities to support veterinarians in clinical and academic expertise, ethical and social issues and legal matters. One of the key elements required to achieve its goal in unifying standards in veterinary practice is sustainable continuing education.

Annual Report (PDF)