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Veterinary Practitioner's Association Nepal



Country: Nepal

Region: Asia

Status: Full

Tier: Tier 1

President: Dr. Sudarshan Gautam


Rep: Dr. Mukti Narayan Shrestha


Veterinary Practitioner

Veterinary Practitioner's Association Nepal (VPAN) is a sole scientific professional organization of veterinarians involved in clinical practice in small and large animals and is a sister organization of Nepal Veterinary Association (NVA).
VPAN was established on March 11, 2004 with the following objectives:
  • To establish veterinary clinical service a reputed profession in the society.
  • To empower the professionals with advanced skill and knowledge in clinical practice with the development of new modern diagnostic and treatment facilities.
  • To alleviate pain and sufferings of diseased animals, enhance animal welfare activities, and help prevent zoonotic diseases as well.
  • To study and research on clinical practice and extend through continuing education program.

Annual Report (PDF)