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Norwegian Small Animal Veterinary Association


Address: Norwegian Small Animal Veterinary Association c/o DNV P.O.Box 6781 St.Olavs Plass N-0130 Oslo Norway

Country: Norway

Region: Europe

Status: Full

Tier: Tier 3

President: Dr. Eva Egeberg

Rep: Dr. Vigdis Rædergård


Norwegian Small Animal Veterinary Association logo

NSAVA was established in 1976 under the umbrella of the Norwegian Veterinary Association (NVA). 

Vision and mission of NSAVA
  • To create scientific and social collaboration between members for the benefit of companion animal practice.
  • To represent and promote the interests of companion animal veterinarians in the Norwegian Veterinary Association (NVA).
  • Contribute for a steady increase in the level of scientific qualifications among members.
  • Influence important decisions in society that affect the companion animal veterinarians and their clients and ensure that society maintains confidence in the high level of qualifications among members of NSAVA.

Annual Report (PDF)