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Korean Animal Hospital Association


Address: College of Veterinary Medicine Seoul National University 599 Gwanango Gwanak-gu Seoul 151-742 South Korea

Country: Korea_RepublicOf

Region: Asia

Status: Full

Tier: Tier 3

President: Dr. Juhyung Hur

Rep: Dr. Won-Seok Oh


Korean Animal Hospital Association logo

KAHA was established in 1989 and has tried to improve scientific knowledge of veterinary medicine and professional ethics for general practitioners with providing desirable animal clinic model, to support the right of veterinarians, and to make the best image as the most field service veterinarian to the people in our country.
For the goal, KAHA is making efforts through academic conferences, WSAVA meeting, journal and newsletter publications, animal welfare promotion and HAB (Human Animal Bond) activities with companion animals and people.

Annual Report (PDF)