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Israel Companion Animal Veterinary Association



Country: Israel

Region: Middle East

Status: Full

Tier: Tier 3

President: Dr. Raffi Shahaf


Rep: Dr. Eldar Haruvy


Israel Companion Animal Veterinary Association logo

ICAVA (Israel Companion Animal Veterinary Association) is the head organization for companion Animal practitioners in Israel. ICAVA's mission is to promote, widen and enrich the knowledge of Israeli veterinary practitioners, using continuing education.
In 2013, ICAVA also represented the Israeli companion animal practitioners in the Israeli parliament discussions concerning animal welfare.

ICAVA a completely non-profit organization.
As a general decision, ICAVA tries to organize 4 CE (Continuing Education) weekend seminars four times per year for its members. Participation is on voluntary base, and only 'symbolical' fees (60-80$ per person) are charged to cover the expenses. Average participation is 150-200 vets of about 650 member vets of ICAVA.

All CE programs were withheld on a weekend format base, 14-16 hours of lectures, accompanied by pre-printed lecture notes.

Annual Report (PDF)