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Association des medecins veterinaires du Quebec


Address: 199, boul. Sainte-Rose Laval, Quebec Canada H7L 1L5

Country: Canada

Region: The Americas

Status: Full

Tier: Tier 3

President: Dr. Jean Gauvin


Rep: Marie-Christyne Brosseau


Association des medecins veterinaires du Quebec logo

Vision, Mission & Objectives

In 1959, following the growing trend of the caring of s all animals, the first official veterinary association in Quebec was started and named: L’Académie de médec ine vétérinaire de Montréal. Very early on, the association recognized the importance of offering quality conferences to its members.

In the 70’s the association was recognized by the Provincial Order of Veterinarians and this was followed by a grouping of other veterinarian associatio ns established throughout the province. In 1979 the name was changed to: L’Académie de médecine vétéri naire du Québec, to honor this transition.

The association had its first official head office and secretary in 1998. It is only in 2009 that the association was renamed: L’Association des médecins vétérinaires du Québec en pratique des petits animau x.