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Guatemala Small Animal Veterinarians Medical Association


Address: 2ª. Calle 18-82 Sector B-1 San Cristóbal Zona 8 de Mixco Guatemala

Country: Guatemala

Region: The Americas

Status: Full

Tier: Tier 2

President: Dr. Sandra Avila de Ruano


Rep: Dr. Sandra Avila de Ruano

Guatemala Small Animal Veterinarians Medical Association logo

AMVEPE as an association started in 1996, as a response to the necessity of small animal practitioners to standardize their medical fees, along with a purpose to raise awareness on customers about the importance of professional medical care of their animals, on the other hand combat with empirical acting as professionals.

In the first months of 1999, while we were going through the legal process of our Association being registered, we continued to work on needs such as the creation of a cooperative that could benefit its members. In April 1999 the Association acquired its full status as a legal local registered association.

AMVEPE, by its statutes , is a non-religious, non-profit, civil, private, apolitical organization of scientific, cultural, social and individual resources.

Annual Report (PDF)