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Associazione Italiana Veterinari per Piccoli Animali


Address: c/o Medicina Viva Via Marchesi 26/D 43100 Parma Italy

Country: Italy

Region: Europe

Status: Full

Tier: Tier 3

President: Prof. Giacomo Rossi


Rep: Prof. Valeria Grieco


Associazione Italiana Veterinari per Piccoli Animali logo

AIVPA Italian Small Animal Veterinary Association, scientific association that since 1961 has the aim to promote culturally and ethically professionalism of veterinarians.
AIVPA you interested in regard to veterinary medicine, animal welfare and the development of good relationships between them and humans.
In terms of scientific, cultural and social, AIVPA pursues these objectives through multiple actions and initiatives:
  • Accepting elements deemed appropriate to improve the prestige of the Association.
  • Enriching the cultural heritage associated with the conferences, courses and publications
  • The collaboration of people, organizations, partnerships with public and private initiatives of common cause.
  • Encouraging, within it, the establishment and operation of specialized study groups.
  • Defending the interests of members from any possible interference or malfeasance on the part of persons, public or private, tend to curtail or replace the exercise of the profession.

Annual Report (PDF)