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WSAVA One Care Initiative

One Care is an initiative from the WSAVA which aims to support veterinary development around the world and to create a global standard of care around the world to which all member associations aspire. One Care recognizes that it is not possible to impose ‘top down’ common standards in all regions of the world but that is more effective to help individual veterinary communities to set realistic goals and standards, in areas such as hospital practice, CE and animal welfare, for improvement based on their specific situation.

One Care is aimed particularly at developing countries whose veterinarians lack the resources and infrastructure to raise standards of case without external support. As a first step, member associations request a participatory workshop which is led by the member association itself and facilitator. The workshop is used to identify the key local priorities and to create a sustainable development plan. A support package including some financial support is then provided to help the member association deliver its development plan, together with on-going support from the WSAVA. One Care is helping veterinary communities to embrace standards and to then take responsibility for meeting and building on them.

As the WSAVA membership embodies diversity of language, social context and level of current practice, the strategy to advance the One care mission is not to impose a general standard for all. The strategy is to involve and engage veterinary communities to create veterinary standards of care from a bottom up perspective. This way each community will embrace and be responsible for the development that takes place in an organic manner suitable for their own context.

Key Points

  • A key component to this initiative is it always begins with a participatory style workshop. This involves the local veterinary community that come together to identify local needs in areas of professional development in an engaging and interactive way. Programs that are created as an outcome are not imposed or created externally but come out as a result of this workshop.
  • It is more sustainable as is driven from the local veterinary community and has a long term development plan (as created from the participatory workshop).
  • Has other components of support (eg Thailand and AAHA, Philippines and AWWC, Sri Lanka and WSAVA CE, Vietnam and WSAVA CE).
  • Is self limiting in funding, utilizes minimal initial financial input, has achievable outcomes and can be sustained by the local veterinary community.


  • Standards of care already developed from WSAVA committees/projects.
  • Speakers from WSAVA committees/projects.
  • WSAVA CE faculty.
  • Member association resources.


  • VPAT, Thailand – development of the Thailand Animal Hospital Standards and Accreditation.
  • SCAP, Sri Lanka – Problem Oriented Approach to veterinary internal medicine curriculum on webinar series and live seminars.
  • PAHA, The Philippines – Animal welfare assessment framework Cambodia – the formation of the Cambodian veterinary medical association.
  • VSAVA, Vietnam – Pain management and anesthetic standards.


Any category of WSAVA members can apply for a WSAVA One Care workshop though the focus will be Europe/Africa for 2016-2017.

The particular veterinary community will be asked to take part in participatory workshops to determine the need and chosen area they wish to develop including obstacles they face. The community will then work through a series of exercises that help to determine the best action plan for achieving the community’s goal. This fosters a sense of ownership, responsibility and more sustainable development.

A follow up activity determined from the outcome of that workshop that utilizes the resources listed above will be planned and appropriate sponsors for the activity sought out. The activity will be named the WSAVA One Care stream if held within a conference with multiple streams and WSAVA One Care seminar if it is a stand alone event. Sponsors for this event will be acknowledged on all PR outlets, course material, venue.

The outcome from the participatory workshop will also be shared with WSAVA committees and projects. This will make the needs of each country/region known in order to properly prepare other WSAVA activities (CE, World congress, Educational partners etc) to be in alignment with local needs.

The outreach and progress of this initiative will be shared on WSAVA PR outlets and therefore will be available for other members to view or utilize.



Get Involved

Sponsorship is not limited to a sole sponsor and any party interested to contribute to this initiative can inquire at