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Vaccination Guidelines Group

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  • The global impetus to revise and update small companion animal vaccination protocols, beginning in the late 20th Century, was complex and multifactorial, and has been reviewed elsewhere. 
  • The first vaccination guidelines (for cats in North America) were produced by the American Academy of Feline Practitioners in 1998. 
  • In 2004, discussions between Prof Marian Horzinek and Prof Michael Day led to the proposal that WSAVA should produce global guidelines for the vaccination of dogs and cats. 
  • With sponsorship from MSD Animal Health, the WSAVA Vaccination Guidelines Group (VGG) was convened in 2006. 
  • The first WSAVA guidelines were produced in 2007 (Phase I project) and these were updated in 2010 (Phase II project) and 2015 (Phase IV project). 
  • Guidelines for pet owners and breeders were produced in 2010 and updated in 2015.
  • Chairmanship of the VGG passed from Prof Horzinek to Prof Day in 2009. 
  • In 2012-2014 the VGG worked in Asia and published guidelines for veterinarians in this continent (Phase III project) and the VGG is currently working in Latin America to produce a similar regional document (2016-2019 Phase V project). 
  • The VGG has had a sole sponsor MSD Animal Health) throughout its history.


  • To provide evidence-based scientific advice to the global veterinary profession on optimum vaccination practice for dogs and cats.


  • To produce and periodically update global vaccination guidelines for the dog and cat. To produce and periodically update information on vaccination for pet owners and breeders. To conduct regional projects assessing small companion animal infectious disease and vaccinology in those regions.


  • To provide continuing education on vaccinology.

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