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Team members

    Tanya Malkova



    Tanya is a professional translator and interpreter born and living in Moscow, Russia.
    Her specialization areas include finance, law, business, ecology, and veterinary medicine.
    She is a member of the Organizational Committee of the National Veterinary Conference (NVC), the biggest veterinary medicine event in Russia, where she is responsible for communication with international speakers and participants. Every year, it brings together veterinary doctors, managers of veterinary clinics, and leading international and domestic companies operating in the area of veterinary medicine.
    As WSAVA’s volunteer translator, she was a team member for translation of the WSAVA 2015 Vaccination Guidelines for doctors and pet owners (the lead translator - Dr. S. Orlova, the editor - Professor A. Sidorchuk); she translated several articles on vaccination (the editor – Dr. S. Konyaev) published in the VGG section on the WSAVA website; and acts as the editor for the monthly WSAVA e-bulletins (the translator - Dr. O. Kurbatova).
    She is glad to have the opportunity to contribute to improvement in the health and welfare of companion animals.
    She loves nature, animals, mountains, music, arts, and her hobbies include downhill skiing, biking, yoga, gardening, and photography.


    Translation Committee(TC): Member