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Team members

    Dr Oron Prager



    • Owner and Manager at Oron Veterinary Centers.
    • Dr. Oron Prager DVM, MSc.
    • Dr. Prager finished his BSc (Excelency Program), and MSc (Summa Cum Laude) at Tel Aviv University.
    • He graduated Koret School of veterinary Medicine, Hebrew university of Jerusalem on 1994. Ever since, he's practicing small animal medicine & surgery at his two clinics.
    • Oron is a regular participant in many international conventions, and functions as:
      • 1. Continuing Education coordinator for ICAVA (Israel Companion Animal Veterinary Association).
      • 2. ICAVA's representative in WSAVA.
    • Oron has happily married with 2 kids, 2 dogs and 4 cats.