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    Dr. Marisa Gonzalez



    Dr. Gonzalez graduated from Veterinary college at the Autonomous University of Ciudad Juarez (UACJ 2007), performed a Masters degree in Medicine and Surgery in dogs and cats at the Autonomous University of the State of Mexico (UAEM 2009)

    She did a postgraduate in Oncology  at the Faculty of Agricultural and Veterinary Sciences of the Catholic University of Salta UCASAL. In addition, she did an Internship in Oncology Network CRABA in  Buenos Aires Argentina and collaborated on the book "Oncology for all" by Dr Martin Soberano.

    Marisa is a founding member of the Latin American Society of Veterinary Oncology (SLOVET) and active member of the Mexican Association of Veterinary Oncology (AMONCOVET).
    • National Presentations 2018: Biozoo University Caravan, Veterinary congress of  Leon Mexico, Oncology Workshop for postgraduate students of the UACJ, Symposium of Oncology for AMMVEPE Cd Juárez,
    • International Presentations (2018): Case presentation in ESVONC European Society of Veterinary Oncology Congress
    • Speaker at the  Symposium "Feline disease and Oncology" by the International Veterinary College. Shanghai China
    Currently, Dr. Gonzalez is a Medical Director of Centro Veterinario Valles at Zapopan Jalisco Mexico, a hospital specialized in Veterinary oncology (private practice).
    She says: "I'm passionate about oncology and loving what I do,  treating cancer does not have to be depressing. I'm an advocate of early cancer detection"


    Translation Committee(TC): Member