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Team members

    Dr. Geeta Saini



    Graduated BVSc (First Class Honours) from University of Queensland, Australia in 1980. 
    Partner in Buderim Veterinary Surgery (Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia) 1991 - present.
    Director Pet ER (now Animal Emergency Services) Emergency clinic Sunshine Coast 2005 - 2014.
    Member Sunshine Coast University Animal Ethics Committee 2000 - 2017.
    Past President Australian Small Animal Veterinarians (ASAV) 2015 - 2017.
    Executive Committee Member ASAV 2013 - present.
    ASAV representative to the Australian Veterinary Association Policy Council 2015 - present.
    Committee member WSAVA Leadership and Nominations Committee 2016 - present.
    Chair WSAVA Leadership and Nominations Committee 2018 - present. 


    Leadership and Nomination Committee(LNC): Chairperson