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Team members

    Dr Renee Chalmers Hoynck van Papendrecht


    Location: Veterinary Clinic Nieuw Den Helder Texelstroomlaan 82 a 1784 ED Den Helder The Netherlands


    WSAVA Executive Board member
    Honorary Secretary
    Director of and practicing in a small animal clinic in Holland, Renee Chalmers has been Assembly representative for the Netherlands Association for Companion Animals (NACAM) and is Honorary Secretary on the Executive Board.
    She says: “We don’t live in an era of changes, but we live in changing eras.”
    Only by working together and exchanging knowledge we can keep up with our clients and patients needs. We can make a difference and take the lead. We can do that by creating a community through building a global platform for veterinarians. Please join us and lets make the world a better place for the animals and vets!

    Website: View bio on website

    Board Member Status: Honorary Secretary