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    Dr Lawson Cairns



    • Area of CE responsibility: Africa.
    My name is Lawson Cairns and I am partner in a 7 vet 24/7 veterinary hospital in HILLCREST KWAZULU_NATAL SOUTH AFRICA I have practiced in south africa for 43 years but qualified at the ROYAL DICK VET COLLEGE in Edinburgh. My involvement with WSAVA is coordinating continuing education course in 10 countries of southern africa and I try to get at least one course in each of these countries once a year. I have been involved with WSAVA for over 15 years.
    I live in Hillcrest with my wife Karin and have Karins family here in south africa and my daughter and husband and son in whistler in canada and my son cameron and his wife and two grand children in Dubai. My main interests outside veterinary science and WSAVA is wildlife and travel.

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    Continuing Education Committee(CEC): Member
    Leadership and Nomination Committee(LNC): Member
    Regional Member Advocate Committee(RMA): Member