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Professional Wellness Group

Professional Wellness Group


A focused, united effort to maintain and advance the health and well-being of all veterinary professionals.


There is an increased recognition that stress & compassion fatigue coupled with a demanding workplace environment are adversely affecting the mental well-being and physical health of veterinarians. To improve the health and well-being of veterinarians, para-veterinarians & all members of the veterinary team.


WSAVA has as its mission the advancement of the health and welfare of companion animals worldwide. It achieves this mission through an educated, committed and collaborative global community of veterinary peers. It is imperative that the health, welfare & wellness of the veterinary team is maintained & advanced to ensure the health, welfare & wellness of companion animals under this global veterinary community’s care.


  • Design guidelines and toolkits for veterinary practitioners to improve professional wellness.
  • Review state-of-the art thinking and provide a WSAVA perspective that recognises regional, economic and cultural needs.



Executive Board Liaison