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PR and Communications Committee

Our Industry Partners


  • The public relations and communications committee was activated in April 2012.
  • WSAVA grows into a true global veterinary community, the importance of creating a dynamic communication channel both internally amongst members and to the outside world became a critical strategic tool. The WSAVA website and bi-monthly e-bulletin is open and free to the all veterinarians and interested members of the public.


  • The committee has the vision that "WSAVA becomes visible, relevant and makes a difference to members, the global veterinary community and public."


Our main target audience
  • First and foremost are our members who need to have an active communication channel to:
    • Be informed of all WSAVA activities that can become useful in the development of practice standards for each individual member.
    • Learn of global standards and concerns and be part of the veterinary profession’s voice to the public.
    • Exchange information and network with members worldwide.
    • Be aware and create awareness of each other’s activities.
    • Create a unified voice for the veterinary profession.
Secondary target audience
  • Our second major audience is the general public who needs to have an interface with the veterinary profession in order to:
    • Maintain an understanding between owners and veterinarians for better care of companion animals.
    • Be abreast of the developments the profession can offer for better health and welfare of animals worldwide.
    • Generate a common belief that one health of the world requires the active contribution of professionals in animal health, human health and environmental health.


Executive Board Liaison