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One Health Committee

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  • The One Health Committee, ‘One Health’ or ‘One Medicine’ proposes the unification of the medical and veterinary professions with the establishment of collaborative ventures in clinical care, surveillance and control of cross-species disease, education, and research into disease pathogenesis, diagnosis, therapy and vaccination. The concept encompasses the human population, domestic animals and wildlife and the impact that environmental changes (‘environmental health’) such as global warming will have on these populations.
  • The current definition of One Health largely focuses upon the interactions between man, domestic production animals, wildlife and the environment. The small companion animals (principally dogs and cats, but also including exotic pets such as rodents, chickens, reptiles, fish, birds and domestic minipigs) are generally not considered within One Health initiatives.


  • To ensure the prominence of the small companion animal-human interface in the global One Health agenda.


  • The OHC works on specific projects within the three areas of interest that are of benefit to the WSAVA membership or which enhance the profile of small companion animals in the global One Health arena.

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