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Leadership and Nomination Committee


  • Succession planning and leadership identification is key to the stability, vitality, diversity, and long term success of any organization. It is recognized that all worthy applicants may not have the needed skill set for all committee or leadership positions. A pro-active process of potential leadership identification, mentorship, and assessment opportunity is especially important to a global organization that meets only once annually. The learning curve for the myriad tasks needed for effective volunteer service and leadership in WSAVA is especially steep as we currently are a predominantly volunteer organization with a part-time Secretariat to preserve institutional memory and maintain administrative cohesion.
  • Consequently, it is proposed that WSAVA establish a Leadership Nomination Committee as a sub-committee of the WSAVA Executive Board (WSAVA EB).


  • The goal of the Leadership and Nomination Committee is to identify the human resources needs of the association and its various committees, to assist in leadership identification and succession planning, and to forward names of suitable WSAVA Award candidates.


  • To determine the needed skill sets required for leadership positions in each WSAVA Committee.
  • To maintain communication with the Assembly and the EB such that all potentially interested candidates are identified.
  • To undertake to identify and evaluate both the interest and the presence of the requisite skill sets in assembly members or other members of constituent organizations for active participation in WSAVA committee and leadership positions.
  • To ensure the nomination process is fair and equitable, promoting engagement from all WSAVA member associations.
  • To work with committees to ensure they have an effective methodpf mentoring and undertake mentorship pf assembly members or other members of constituent organizations with the interest and potential skills for consideration for future leadership roles.
  • To present recommendations to the EB for discussion.  Final recommendations will be presented to the Assembly as to the suitability of potential candidates for all committee and leadership positions.
  • To provide an annual budget for consideration by the WSAVA Treasurer during the compilation of the WSAVA annual budget.
  • To provide an annual assembly report.
  • To be part of the nomination and selection process for WSAVA Global Meritorious Service Award and the WSAVA Hills Next generation Award.
  • Engage in other leadership identification efforts directed by the EB.



Executive Board Liaison