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Pain management is an important topic in companion animal medicine and there exists a wide variation in pain assessment, pain management, and their consistent implementation. The result is often a gap between pain incidence and adequate treatment. Eliminating this "pain incidence – pain treatment gap" will be the focus of the GPC. While access to pain treatment modalities may vary from country to country, the ability to diagnosis pain should not and the two would be benefitted through educational efforts that encompass all members of the veterinary healthcare team.

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Pain Management Guidelines

View the WSAVA Global Pain Guidelines

Other Pain Management Guidelines and Resources

Education ('how to') videos

Pain Assessment Tools

Poop Scoop - The Pet Owner Outreach Program

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  • An empowered, motivated, and globally unified veterinary profession that effectively recognizes and minimizes pain prevalence and impact.


  • To raise global awareness and provide a call to action based upon the understanding that all animals are sentient and can therefore feel pain and suffer from it.  The Global Pain Council strives to elevate the level of confidence and competence in recognising and managing pain in small animals.


(a) Develop pain assessment and treatment guidelines having universal relevance and maintain their currency

(b) Develop programmes of education that promote improved awareness of animal pain and its management, taking into account regional differences in attitude, education and available analgesic modalities.

(c) Build capability and capacity in assessing and managing animal pain internationally, through the supported development of talent.

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