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Getting them to the Congress Initiative

Our 'Getting them to the Congress' initiative offers grants to help assembly representatives who could otherwise not attend because of economic circumstances.

We are reliant on donations to fund the scheme and assembly representatives wishing to apply are required to submit a detailed application which includes information on:

  • Activities they have undertaken to promote the WSAVA and its benefits to individual members of their association.
  • How they expect their association to benefit from their participation in the assembly and World Congress and how information will be passed on to their fellow members.
  • A signed declaration that, if selected, a report of their visit and the benefits it has brought to their association will be sent to the WSAVA and Assembly members within 60 days of World Congress.

All applications undergo a thorough review and judging process by fellow Assembly members. Successful applicants receive the cost of the flight and other travel costs, travel documentation, registration and accommodation. Subsistence costs are at their own expense.

 If your association may like to consider applying to the Scheme in 2018 or if it could contribute to the fund, please email for further information.