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Continuing Education Committee

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  • The WSAVA Continuing Education (CE) programme was started over 20 years ago. Initially WSAVA and FECAVA joined forces to provide post graduate education in the emerging countries of Eastern Europe and the Baltic States. The pilot programme was targeted at six countries and from these beginnings, a series of meetings has developed that spans five continents and includes forty one countries.
  • WSAVA CE has been strongly supported by sponsors, whose enthusiasm and financial commitment has enabled the programme to flourish Member Associations, Affiliate Member Associations and National Associations have also given generously of their time, money and personnel to assist the scheme. BSAVA (UK), NACAM (The Netherlands), NSAVA (Norway), ASAVA (Australia) and GVDE (Global Veterinary Dermatology Group), SVK & ACVD are currently generous sponsors.


  • The committee strives to help the local organizers increase their skills in preparing meetings with the aim of developing self-sufficiency and the ability to provide their own CE meetings, and promote companion animal veterinary activities among their members. This will increase the value and promote membership in the local associations, thereby supporting local benefits and sustainability.


  • The goal of WSAVA CE is to provide practical, relevant and inspiring CE that assists general practitioners solve clinical problems regardless of the size and sophistication of their practice.


  • The purpose of the scheme is to encourage both learning and professional development for companion animal practitioners and to assist member associations develop their own self sufficiency in continuing education programmes.
  • The funding of WSAVA CE meetings in emerging companion animal markets is aimed to “prime the pump” of CE programmes for the recipient country.
  • The support varies from full financial support for meetings for countries who are currently not in a position to support CE meetings featuring international speakers to partial financial support for countries whose CE programmes are more established but yet not yet fully self sufficient.

Committee Resources

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