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Animal Wellness and Welfare Committee

With thanks to the generous support of our partners


The AWWC was formed in 2009 thanks primarily to the efforts of Drs Roger Clarke of Australia and Ray Butcher, a UK-based veterinarian, who dedicated their careers to advancing animal welfare and had the foresight to ensure that animal welfare was enshrined as one of the WSAVA’s four key ‘pillars’.

What is our Vision?

  • To promote advances in animal welfare and wellness around the world through enhanced veterinary care.
  • To work with other committees within the WSAVA to provide the resources – information, CE, toolkits etc - to facilitate these advances.

What is our Mission?

  • The Animal Wellness & Welfare Committee (AWWC) goal is to make welfare issues an everyday consideration for small animal practitioners and to ensure that WSAVA is a proactive & respected partner within international welfare circles by combining advocacy with mutual respect and consensus-building amongst partners. This important work is proudly supported by Mars and Purina.

What are our Objectives?

  • Establish a web-based presence that is current, informative and meets the needs of the member organisations.
  • Provide a physical presence at relevant veterinary forums, including the WSAVA Congress, where information on topical issues can be presented and debated.
  • Identify key membership issues and form alliances with other committees or organisations to maximise the pace and impact of change to address these issues.
  • Review state-of-the art thinking and provide a WSAVA perspective that recognises regional, economic and cultural needs.
  • Apprise sponsors of any potentially contentious issues that may arise from any decisions made. The sponsor(s) has the right to disassociate from any position adopted by the committee.

Watch this video to find out more about the Animal Wellness and Welfare Committee.


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