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State of the Association (2016-2017)


It is hard to believe that one year or half of my Presidency has come and gone! Well, as the saying goes “time goes quickly when you are having fun!” I am so proud of the WSAVA and its heart & soul – our community – a community that continues to grow, both in size and engagement. You have accomplished a lot in the previous year so a brief summary of key highlights and milestones will be hard and is sure to miss some as we have been very busy!

Let me begin by saying that thanks to leadership of Ellen van Nierop, our Honorary Treasurer, the input of the Financial Advisory Committee under the chairmanship of Mark Shepherd, and the fiscal responsibility of the entire WSAVA leadership – as a result of your fiscal responsibility, the WSAVA enjoys wonderful financial health, as can be easily seen in this year’s audited financial report. This is in large part due to your membership dues, our industry partners, and the continued success of our annual World Congress. Our reserve is earmarked for many strategic initiatives, some of which will be overviewed in this report, with a major focus on the development of the Central Secretariat to ensure administrative and volunteer sustainability that foster unencumbered strategic focus and initiative implementation. Arpita Bhose, WSAVA manager, has been a quick study and is now leading further expansion of the Secretariat support of leadership, committees and all WSAVA volunteers.

Click here to view the full State of the Association (2016-2017) document (PDF).