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State of the Association


It has been another stellar year of progress and achievement for the WSAVA - the culmination of ten years of growth for our global veterinary community. It’s salutary to think that we have twice the number of member associations and double the number of individual veterinarian members as we did in 2008. This year also marks the successful final stage of our 2014-2019 WSAVA Strategic plan. I’m pleased to say that all of its 16 strategic initiatives have been delivered or are underway. The Plan’s success is built on its founding tenet – member engagement - our volunteer base has doubled as we have launched a range of initiatives born from discussions at our Member Forums held around the world. We are now perfectly placed to enter our next round of strategic planning, led by Vice President Siraya Chunekamrai. We will build on this engagement to ensure that our community is keenly involved in setting our path for the next five years and beyond.

Click here to view the full State of the Association (2017-2018) document (PDF).