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ACTAsia initiates education programmes aimed at children, consumers and professionals for gradual and sustainable social change, with the ethos that respect for people, animals and the environment will lead to a more compassionate and sustainable world.

Our aims and objectives for Professional Education
  • To improve the welfare of animals and promote humane companion animal population control and rabies management by providing training to veterinarians.
To achieve this, we:
  • Promote responsible pet ownership through veterinarians
  • Ensure veterinarians fully understand animal sentience and welfare, and that they act as ambassadors and educators within society
  • Educate veterinarians about basic standards of care for their patients, and best practice for stray and owned companion animals (including ABC-AR)
  • Encourage vets to become certified trainers and collaborate with other key stakeholders, such as government or animal protection groups
Operating primarily in China, ACTAsia works with partners Vets for Compassion to run training courses and workshops for veterinarians. These courses give international experts the opportunity to share their knowledge and best-practice with local vets. Train the Trainer helps to promote fundamental standards in the treatment of companion animals as they grow in popularity in Asia, and focuses on peer-to-peer teaching to reach as wide an audience as possible. Continued Professional Development is also available to certified trainers.
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