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WSAVA Companion Animal Welfare Award

This Award is presented to a veterinarian (or veterinary-team member) in recognition of that individual’s contribution to companion animal welfare at a local, regional or international level. This contribution may relate to leadership, public service, education, research, product development, and/or advocacy. The award is intended to not only recognise this important contribution, but to increase the global community’s awareness of the essential role veterinarians play as advocates of animal welfare.

Dr Renee Chalmers Hoynck van Papendrecht, WSAVA Honorary Secretary (left), Dr Melissa Bain, recipient of the WSAVA Companion Animal Welfare Award 2019 (middle) and Dr Shane Ryan, WSAVA President (right)



  • It is preferred nominees are from a WSAVA member association
  • Nominations may be submitted by: 
    • WSAVA member organisations;
    • Individuals from WSAVA member organisations;
    • WSAVA committees;
    • Governmental and/or non-governmental organisations with an interest in animal welfare and the veterinary profession;
  • Self-nominations will not be accepted;
  • Serving WSAVA executive board, committee or assembly members are not eligible;
  • Nominations must reflect specific accomplishments in the field of animal welfare, as opposed to examples of quality veterinary practice;
  • Nominations may be based on a sustained effort or an extraordinary single achievement in any or all the following areas with relation to companion animal welfare: 
    • Leadership;
    • Public service (e.g., community programs, public policy development);
    • Research and/or product development;
    • Education;
    • Advocacy;
  • Recipients must be available and willing to attend a presentation ceremony and participate in other recognition activities;
Preference is given to recipients from the region of the congress but ultimately the best candidate will be selected.


Nominations for the 2020 awards are now open. The deadline to submit a nomination is December 15th, 2019. 

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