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WSAVA President's Award

This Award is presented on an occasional basis with the recipient selected by the current WSAVA President. It is awarded in recognition of the recipient’s outstanding contribution to the WSAVA.

Recipients of the WSAVA President's Award:

  • 2017: Dr. Jolle Kirpensteijn

Dr Jolle Kirpensteijn was awarded the WSAVA President’s Award in recognition of his service to the association. A past president of the WSAVA and long-standing advocate of its work, Dr Kirpensteijn first became involved with the WSAVA as a Member Representative for the Netherlands in 2005. He joined its Executive board in 2006 and served as WSAVA President from 2010 to 2012.  

During his presidency, Dr Kirpensteijn worked to enhance the effectiveness of the WSAVA’s operations. He focused particularly on strengthening continuing education (CE) initiatives, improving communications and helping create a clear strategy to ensure the WSAVA became a truly global community.
  • 2016: June Ingwersen

The President's award was presented to June Ingwersen by Dr Colin Burrows, President of the WSAVA, in recognition of her outstanding contribution to the association. June has been working with the WSAVA since 2008 and throughout her time in the secretariat has shown dedication and commitment to the association, providing help and assistance to members all over the world.

  • 2015: Prof. Jan Gajentaan

​This year, the award has been made posthumously to Professor Jan Gajentaan, who died in February 2015. Professor Gajentaan championed the role  of the companion animal veterinarian, founding first the Dutch Voorjaarsdagen (Spring) Congress before co-founding the Federation of European Companion Animal Veterinary Associations (FECAVA).  He went on to play a pivotal role within in the WSAVA for many years as President, Honorary Treasurer and organizer of two World Congresses.  His daughter was presented with the award on his behalf.

  • 2014: Dr. Larry Dee

  • 2013: Dr. Ray Butcher, Prof. Peter Ihrke.

  • ​2012: Prof. Anjop Venker-van Haagen.

  • ​2011: Rau Benavente