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WSAVA-Hill's Next Generation Award

This joint award acknowledges the work of a veterinarian who has graduated within the last ten years and who has contributed significantly to the betterment of companion animals, the veterinary profession and society at large. The winner will be active in continuing education, have a strong record in community service and will be working to bridge the gap between their generation and the others.



  • Has graduated with a veterinary degree within the past 10 years
  • Work focusses on companion animals
  • Has an active track record in local/regional or international community
  • Is Socially responsible (i.e. part of projects that emphasize either One Health, Animal Welfare or the Human-Animal Bond)
  • Active in professional development (i.e. Involved in changing the way people do clinical practice, organize CPD etc)
  • Record of public, professional or other veterinary related services
  • Is a local pioneer to bridge the gap between their generation and the others
Preference is given to recipients from the region of the congress but ultimately the best candidate will be selected.


Nominations for the 2019 awards are now closed. Nominations for the 2020 awards will open later this year.