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Cat-being-stroked.jpgWe are an ‘association of associations’, which means that our membership comprises companion animal veterinary associations from all over the world.  We currently have 113 member association, representing more than 200,000 individual veterinarians.

WSAVA Vision Statement

"All companion animals worldwide receive veterinary care that ensures their optimal health and welfare."

Our goal is to advance the health and welfare of companion animals through raising standards of veterinary care around the world.  Members of our association share our passion to create a dynamic global community of veterinarians who work together to deliver ever higher standards of care and who speak with one global voice on key issues affecting the veterinary profession and the welfare of the animals in our care.


How we operate

Much of our work is delivered through our clinical and operational committees under the leadership of our Executive Board. Our Assembly members set our direction, ratify our activities and hold our leadership to account to ensure we continue to work towards our agreed goals.

Find out more by reading the WSAVA By-Laws and Policies