The WSAVA Global Pain Survey & Results

The WSAVA is comprised of 93 member association representing national small animal veterinary medical association (SAVMAs) from around the world as well as international specialty associations with a focus on small animal veterinary care. The WSAVA member association representatives were invited to submit their responses to the global pain survey, which was disseminated through Survey Monkey, an online survey program.

The survey was made available in English, Spanish, Japanese, and Chinese. 32 responses were received (response rate of 34%) representing all WSAVA geographic regions (all continents except for Antarctica) and broken down into 29 national SAVMAs and 3 international specialty groups

The survey requested input that covered information on the respondent association, general regional attitudes towards small animal pain and its treatment, regulatory and/or other issues restricting or limiting pain treatment modalities, and specific information on various analgesic modalities (opioids, NSAIDs, alpha-2 agonists, local anesthesia, general and dissociative analgesics/anesthetics, integrative modalities, neutraceuticals, and various adjunctive therapeutics. It also requested input on the availability and use of various euthanasia techniques.