Members' Corner: BSAVA and NACAM in Sub-Saharan Africa


How our member associations are helping each other around the world! British Small Animal Veterinary Association (BSAVA) supports CE in Sub Saharan Africa


Members' Corner: VPAT in Indonesia


How our member associations are helping each other around the world!

On 8-9 July, the Veterinary Practitioner Association of Thailand (VPAT) helped to organize a two day workshop in Cardiorespiratory Emergency at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in Yogyagarta, Indonesia. Eighty practitioners heard Thai speakers Dr Rungrote Osathanon from Mahidol University and Dr Siram Suvarnavibhaja from Chulalongkorn University cover topics including:

WSAVA members in Japan help animals affected by the tsunami


Following the earthquake and tsunami in March 2011, WSAVA members in Japan worked hard together to help animals in need.

In March 2011 a huge earthquake and tsunami hit the Tohoku area of Japan. The region was devastated with thousands of people and animals killed or injured and buildings and roads demolished across a wide area. It was left isolated without food, water, electricity or a communications network.

Committee Focus


In this issue we examine the work of the WSAVA Congress Steering Committee.

Key goals:

To ensure our annual World Congress, the flagship of our organization, meets a consistently excellent standard.


Dr Nicola Neumann, MVB MRCVS MACVSc Cat Medicine, Graduate Diploma Business Management.

Peter's Place


WSAVA Past President Jolle Kirpensteijn shares his thoughts on what's happening within the WSAVA Community.

At last a quiet moment to talk to WSAVA members everywhere! Greetings to you all! First I should explain that our President Peter Ihrke is still recuperating from his recent back surgery. Unfortunately, he's suffered some unexpected complications which are slowing his recovery and requiring further investigation. He has, however, asked me to send you all his very best wishes.

WSAVA welcomes seventh board member


The WSAVA is growing fast and expanding its activities into more and more areas. To sustain our growth and enable us to deliver our goals, we need a strong Executive Board (EB), to deliver our goals and manage our day to day operations. To strengthen the EB, we’ve just appointed a seventh member, Dr Ellen van Nierop. Her appointment is subject to assembly ratification in March 2013.

Meet Ellen van Nierop:

Ellen van Nierop is a Dutch veterinarian living and working in Ecuador. She completed her studies at the Rijksuniversiteit, Gent, Belgium. She then volunteered at wildlife centers around the world before settling and starting work in Ecuador eleven years ago.

What every practitioner should know about hereditary diseases!

Hereditary diseases are presented to us regularly in practice but it’s not straightforward to identify the specific disease or to test for it. What help is available to practitioners? And, more importantly, is it possible to start reducing the incidence of these diseases in pure bred animals? The WSAVA Hereditary Disease Committee has just launched a new web tool to provide clinically relevant information on hereditary diseases and genetic predispositions in dogs and cats.

A searchable database of laboratories offering genetic (DNA) tests for hereditary diseases in dogs and cats worldwide has been launched by the WSAVA Hereditary Disease Committee (HDC). It contains contact information about the laboratories performing these tests: outlines the specific tests available and the breeds likely to be affected. It is searchable by laboratory, test or breed.

The World Congress Effect!


Did you know that WSAVA World Congress could be held in your country? Why might you want to host us? Would it surprise you to know that it could make a difference to your country; to your practice and to your life?

The WSAVA World Congress

WSAVA World Congress (WC) is a major international event for Small Animal Medicine. It lasts for four days and involves eight simultaneous rooms where worldwide experts share the latest advances on all aspects of veterinary medicine. It takes place every year in one of three regions around the globe:

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