Hereditary diseases

Hereditary Diseases

  Hereditary Guidelines

The World Small Animal Veterinary Association formed a WSAVA Committee on Hereditary Diseases as a comprehensive resource on hereditary diseases and genetic predispositions. This database represents a culmination of the work of the Committee, and is constantly evolving with advances in the field of veterinary genetics. 

What every practitioner should know about hereditary diseases!

Hereditary diseases are presented to us regularly in practice but it’s not straightforward to identify the specific disease or to test for it. What help is available to practitioners? And, more importantly, is it possible to start reducing the incidence of these diseases in pure bred animals? The WSAVA Hereditary Disease Committee has just launched a new web tool to provide clinically relevant information on hereditary diseases and genetic predispositions in dogs and cats.

A searchable database of laboratories offering genetic (DNA) tests for hereditary diseases in dogs and cats worldwide has been launched by the WSAVA Hereditary Disease Committee (HDC). It contains contact information about the laboratories performing these tests: outlines the specific tests available and the breeds likely to be affected. It is searchable by laboratory, test or breed.

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