Comment: Vaccination Guidelines Group re: Daily Telegraph (UK)



The WSAVA Vaccination Guidelines Group is aware of an article published recently in the UK Daily Telegraph about canine Leptospira vaccination.

Global Nutrition Guidelines in Russian

The WSAVA Global Nutrition Guidelines, together with articles from our congress proceedings are now being translated into Russian.

Global Support for WSAVA Nutritional Guidelines

[Press Release: 8 June 2011] Ten national veterinary associations, including those in the USA, New Zealand and Sweden, have signed up to support the Global Nutritional Guidelines launched by the World Small Animal Veterinary Association (WSAVA) in March 2011 with more expected to endorse them later in the year.

The Guidelines form part of the WSAVA’s campaign to ensure that a nutritional assessment and recommendation is made on every patient during every visit to the vet.  It will be known as the 5th Vital Assessment (V5), adding to the existing four vital assessments of temperature, pulse, respiration and pain which are routinely taken.  They have been designed to be consistent with those p

New guidelines to help us manage pain in cats


To help you control chronic, painful conditions long term and without side effects we recommend that you refer to a set of NSAIDs Guidelines recently launched by the ISFM and AAFP.

New guidelines to help us manage pain in cats

We all use non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) for the short term control of pain in cats, but, to ensure the control of chronic, painful conditions long term without side effects we recommend adherence to a set of Guidelines recently launched by the International Society of Feline Me

Global Nutrition Guidelines

Global Nutrition Guidelines

The Global Nutrition Committee (GNC) began life in 2010 with the initial task of developing global nutrition guidelines, which were first published in 2011. The goal of these Guidelines is to help the veterinary healthcare team and pet owners ensure that dogs and cats are on an optimal nutrition plan tailored to the needs of the individual dog or cat.

Gastrointestinal Guidelines

Standardized GI Endoscopy Reporting Forms


Microchip Identification Guidelines


Issues pertaining to microchip technology (i.e., communication protocol) have been the thrust of standardization efforts in recent years; initially by microchip user groups and then through the International Standards Organization (ISO).

Liver Disease Guidelines

  WSAVA Standards for Clinical and Histological Diagnosis of Canine and Feline Liver Diseases


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