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The Journal of Small Animal Practice (JSAP) is the WSAVA’s official scientific journal. Published monthly, JSAP covers all aspects of medicine and surgery relating to dogs, cats and other small animals. Its aim is to facilitate the dissemination and implementation of new ideas and techniques relating to clinical veterinary practice and ultimately to promote best practice.


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IVSA aims to make a difference

The International Veterinary Students Association (IVSA) is a not-for-profit organization run by volunteer veterinary students from around the world and represents over 40,000 veterinary students spanning six continents.

It aims to improve the standard of veterinary education internationally through the exchange of ideas, knowledge and culture and been particularly successful during 2012. Key activities have included:

Continuing Education Israel

Oron Prager, assembly representative from the Israeli Companion Animal Veterinary Association (ICAVA) and active PR committee member, co-ordinated a recent CE event in Shfaim, Israel.

The topic was Ophthalmology with speakers Professor David Wilkie and Professor Ron Ofri.  He ensured that the WSAVA banner was shown prominently at the event and provided information on how ICAVA vets and indeed vets from around the world are part of a vibrant and active global veterinary community.  Apart from having a booth and banner at this event, ICAVA also helps spread the WSAVA

Continuing Education in India

More than 270 veterinarians attended the recent WSAVA CE meeting, organized by the Federation of Small Animal Practitioners’ Associations (FSAPA-India).

It took place at the Pet Practitioners Association of Karnataka (PPAK) under the guidance of Dr Yathiraj, Dean of Bangalore Veterinary College.  Grateful thanks are given to our sponsors Bayer, Hills and MSD Animal Health.

BSAVA increases support to Africa

As reported in an earlier e-bulletin, funding from the British Small Animal Veterinary Association (BSAVA) as primary sponsor and the Netherlands Association for Companion Animal Medicine (NACAM) is enabling great strides to be made in WSAVA CE work in Sub Saharan Africa. 

Four Meetings Organized by CE Committee in Sub Saharan Africa

Four meetings have now been completed for veterinarians from Mozambique and Swaziland; Botswana; Zambia and Kenya. 

Speakers were:

Continuing Education in Albania

This year’s sixth WSAVA CE meeting in Albania was delivered in Tirana by Dr Liz Mossop and Zoe Belshaw from the University of Nottingham, UK, on the themes of communication skills and practice management.

Continuing Education Albania 2012It was attended by 55 vets and veterinary students from Albania, Turkey and Kosovo, many of whom had left home in the early hours of the morning to ensure they arrived on time. 


The WSAVA Mission is to foster the exchange of scientific information between individual veterinarians and veterinary organizations. Facilitating continuing education opportunities for veterinarians around the globe is something we are dedicated too, and work hard to achieve on a daily basis. 

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