Global Nutrition Guidelines

Global Nutrition Guidelines

The Global Nutrition Committee (GNC) began life in 2010 with the initial task of developing global nutrition guidelines, which were first published in 2011. The goal of these Guidelines is to help the veterinary healthcare team and pet owners ensure that dogs and cats are on an optimal nutrition plan tailored to the needs of the individual dog or cat.

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The Global nutrition guidelines have been endorsed by the following Associations:

Endorsing Associations:


    1. Argentina - AVEACA
    2. Australia  - Veterinary Nurses Council of Australia
    3. Belgium - SAVAB
    4. Brazil - ANCLIVEPA-Br
    5. Bulgaria - Bulgarian Association of Small Animal Veterinarians BASAV
    6. China - Beijing Small Animal Veterinary Association
    7. China - Shanghai Small Animal Veterinary Association
    8. Denmark -  DSAVA
    9. ECVCN - European College of Veterinary and Comparative Nutrition
    10. Finland - Finnish Association of Veterinary Practitioners
    11. France - AFVAC
    12. International Society of Feline Practitioners (ISFM)
    13. Iran - Iran Small Animal Veterinary Association
    14. Korea - KAHA
    15. LAVECCS - Latin American Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Society
    16. LSAVA -  Lithuanian Small Animal Veterinary Association
    17. Mexican Association of Veterinary Medical Specialists in Small Species: AMMVEPE
    18. Netherlands - Netherland Association for Companion Animal Medicine
    19. New Zealand - Companion Animal Society of the New Zealand Veterinary Association
    20. New Zealand - New Zealand Veterinary Nursing Association
    21. Nigeria - Small Animal Veterinary Association of Nigeria
    22. Norway - Norwegian Small Animal Veterinary Association
    23. Peru – AMVEPPA
    24. Poland - Polish Small Animal Veterinary Association
    25. Russia  - RSAVA
    26. Singapore - Singapore Veterinary Association
    27. Spain - Asociacion de Veterinarios Espanoles Especialistas en Pequenos Animales (AVEPA)
    28. Sri Lanka – Small Animal Practitioners Association of Sri Lanka
    29. Sweden - Swedish Society of Veterinary Medicine
    31. Taiwan - Taipei Veterinary Medical Association
    32. Thailand - Veterinary Practitioner Association of Thailand
    33. UK – British Small Animal Veterinary Association
    34. USA – American Academy of Veterinary Nutrition
    35. USA - American Animal Hospital Association
    36. USA - American Association of Feline Practitioners
    37. UK & Ireland - International Veterinary Students' Association

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