WSAVA Position Statements

Coming soon - a WSAVA 'Positioning Statement' on veterinary therapeutics

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We believe it is important to encourage veterinarians, drug companies and legislators to enhance the availability of veterinary therapeutics globally.

To facilitate this, and following feedback from members, we have prepared a draft Positioning Statement on veterinary therapeutics and will shortly be asking our member associations to give us input as to its relevance in their region and any key associated issues. We will then develop a plan, in collaboration both with WSAVA members and those outside the WSAVA community, to help us engage effectively with relevant stakeholders as we work towards our goal.

WSAVA President Elect Dr Walt Ingwersen says: “The accessibility of veterinary therapeutics is a key issue in companion animal medicine globally with many veterinarians hampered in their efforts to treat animals and to reduce suffering. It is essential that, wherever they are working, veterinarians have easy access to the veterinary therapeutics they require in order to care for their patients to the highest standard. We hope that our Positioning Statement will help us start to improve the situation.”