Ketamine Campaign

Worldwide access to ketamine for medical and veterinary use is still on the line!

At the UN Commission on Narcotic Drugs (CND) meeting, which took place from 12-22 March 2016 in Vienna, the international scheduling of ketamine was blocked from the agenda, despite strong lobbying from China. The UN CND took this decision in part to the recent reaffirmation of the WHO Expert Committee on Drug Dependence's (ECDD's) position that ketamine is an essential medicine. Its decision was helped greatly by strong support for this view from the worldwide medical and veterinary communities. 

However, China has made clear that its position remains that ketamine should fall under international scheduling and has expressed disappointment with the ECDD ruling.  It now plans to  raise the issue again at a later meeting. This means that the issue is not going away and we must continue to campaign to provide a global perspective on ketamine's importance in veterinary medicine and to unite the voices of those who support our view.  This is a battle our patients just can't afford us to lose.

Please help us to secure the future of ketamine as an essential medicine by supporting our campaign. Our petition already has more than 10,000 signatures.  

Please spread the word and let's make our collective voice even louder! Find out how by checking out the Get involved tab below.

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