Financial Advisory Committee

The Financial Advisory Committee (FAC) is a sub-committee of the WSAVA Executive Board (WSAVA EB) with membership comprised of both WSAVA EB members and Assembly members. Nominations for this position must be approved by the WSAVA EB and voted on by the Assembly. The maximum term of office for FAC Chairman or committee member is 5 years.

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What does it do?

The FAC was set up to do the following:

  1. To undertake analysis of any aspect related to WSAVA financial management and make recommendations to the WSAVA EB.
  2. To review the annual budget for consideration by the WSAVA EB.
  3. To oversee that the financial management is in compliance with applicable laws, regulations, standards and best practice guidelines.
  4. To oversee the WSAVA’s investment policy and management strategy.
  5. To oversee the WSAVA’s asset policy and management strategy.
  6. To consider the appropriateness of the WSAVA’s accounting policies and principles, ensuring that they are in accordance with the stated financial reporting framework.
  7. To evaluate the annual audit.


They report to the Executive Board and the General Assembly.


Who is on the FAC?

The composition of the Committee is:

  • Treasurer in a non-voting capacity
  • At least three individuals from Assembly Member Association(s), one of whom serves as Chair of the committee
  • Other WSAVA EB members may choose to attend or be invited to attend


The FAC currently has five members – three from the General Assembly and two from the Executive Board. The Executive Board members are Shane Ryan, the Treasurer and WSAVA President Peter Ihrke. The General Assembly members are Ellen Bjerkås from NSAVA (Norway), who is the Chair, Julian Wells from BSAVA (UK) and Pieter Verhoek from NZVA-CAS (New Zealand).


How does FAC carry out its work?

Because of the geographical challenges, much of the work is by email. The FAC also uses conference calls when they need the opportunity to discuss issues as a group. If the FAC is asked for its opinion on a topic, they present a written report of their discussions and recommendations to the Executive Board. The FAC members meet before each annual meeting of the General Assembly. The meeting’s minutes are recorded and agreed upon by the committee prior to presentation to the Executive Board meeting which takes place after the FAC meeting.


How can you see what the FAC has to say?

The FAC has a space for their comments in every general assembly. You can find these in the General Assembly Minutes.

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