WSAVA members receive free or marked discounts to “VetFolio”

WSAVA members receive free or marked discounts to “VetFolio”, an online education and information platform for the veterinary healthcare team.

Member Spotlight

Meet the Federation of Small Animal Practitioners Associations of India (FSAPAI)!

FSAPAI was created in 2006 when associations from across India formed a federation to join the WSAVA. Today, it has 1,300 members from:

VPAT Focuses on Animal Welfare

'Responsible Pet Ownership' (RPO) is an initiative run by the Veterinary Practitioners' Association of Thailand (VPAT)  to help raise standards of animal wellness and welfare across the country through educating owners on the 'Five Freedoms' and on the importance to them, their animal and to the wider environment of caring for their pets responsibly.

Veterinarian Appointed to US National Academy of Medicine

Professor Sarah Cleaveland OBE, a member of the WSAVA One Health Committee and Professor of Comparative Epidemiology at the University of Glasgow, has been appointed to the prestigious National Academy of Medicine (NAM) in the US.

Around the world map - Barcelona, Spain

Representatives of WSAVA members in Europe and affiliates met members of the WSAVA Executive Board, Renee Hoynck, Colin Burrows (President) and Jolle Kirpensteijn at a Members' Forum meeting  during the Southern European Veterinary Conference (SEVC) in Barcelona, Spain, on 15 October.

HealthforAnimals Promotes the Responsible Use of Antibiotics

During the recent Antibiotic Awareness Week which ran from 16-22 November 2015, our affiliate member, the global animal medicines association, HealthforAnimals joined the call for global action against the growing resistance to antibiotics and other antimicrobial medicines.

SCAP participates in Asian rabies control workshop

A ten day residential workshop on the 'Surveillance and Control of Rabies' took place in Phomh Penh, Cambodia from 27 October - 7 November 2015.  Organized by the Pasteur Institute of Cambodia, with support from other bodies, it aimed to provide practical training with a special focus on Asia for students and professionals of animal and human public health.

Veterinarians work together to relieve suffering in Nepal

The earthquakes that struck Nepal on 25 April 12 May 2015 were devastating, leaving 9,000 people dead and 23,000 injured.  Thousands of animals, many a vital source of food, were also killed or injured.

A Message from the WSAVA President

Friends and colleagues

A few years ago, in my former role as Chief of Staff in a veterinary teaching hospital, I dealt with a situation that resulted from a surgeon’s error.  A pair of hemostats had been left in a patient’s abdomen during an exploratory surgery and tumor removal.  Luckily it was detected, corrected and the patient did well. 

In practice in Latin America? Why not check out Vetebooks for a new CE 'experience?

Initiative aims to create a community of veterinary learning in Latin America

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