Pain management is a critical issue

Check the perceived level of pain associated with different conditions and use free WSAVA and JSAP resources to help keep your patients pain-free!

Recognizing & Assessing for Acute Pain: Protocol & Examples


The ability to experience pain is universally shared by all mammals, including companion animals, and as members of the veterinary healthcare team it is our moral and ethical duty to mitigate this suffering to the best of our ability. While there may be regional differences on analgesic therapeutic modalities available to veterinarians, the ability to recognize and assess pain should be a universal skill shared by all veterinarians made possible through education and a commitment to implement at every patient interaction. Pain assessment is the 4th vital sign, which encompasses temperature, pulse, respiration, as well as a nutritional assessment.

The WSAVA Guidelines on the Recognition, Assessment, and Treatment of Pain has succinct but comprehensive overviews of recognizing and assessment of both acute and chronic pain in dogs and cats. Dogs and cats demonstrate pain differently and acute pain manifests itself differently from its chronic counterpart.

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